Career Coaching

Get a fresh start in your career life!  Goal setting and career ideas for this year.  Workshop Presenter: Claire Marchiano, NBCC Certified Career Counselor.  

Register Online or in Person For All Workshops.  All workshops held at the YWCA.  (510) 848-6370 or e-mail

Career Coaching Workshops: 4 Focus Areas

(cost $10 members; $15 non-members) YWCA Career Coaching Workshops Online Schedule

Focus on Job Search Essentials: Most Wednesdays 10AM-11:30AM

  • JOB SEARCH MARKETING STRATEGIES | July 12th | Develop and practice your pitch, prepare to communicate what problems you can solve, learn ways to increase your networking and social media presence.
  • SET AND SELECT YOUR CAREER GOALS| August 16th | Goals are dreams that have a plan. Decide where you want to go and learn the steps to get there.
  • CREATE A PERSONAL BRAND FOR YOUR JOB SEARCH| August 30thName your strength and niche, decide how you want others to perceive you and develop your branding strategy.
  • IS YOUR RESUME WORKING FOR YOU? | September 20th | Learn new resume standards and ways to highlight your strengths. Bring your resume and leave with solutions and fresh ideas.
  • GET THE JOB YOU WANT | September 27th | Assess your options, weigh the benefits and risks of change and then utilize Planned Happenstance to move forward.
  • GET READY FOR YOUR JOB SEARCH | October 4| Look at career options, understand what you need to do to move forward and plan your targeted job search.

Focus on Career Shift at Midlife: Most Wednesdays Noon – 1:30PM

  • WORKING IN THE PRIME OF YOUR LIFE | June 28th | Are you in your 40’s, 50’s, 60’s or more? Dream and plan for the
  • MAKE YOUR CAREER COMEBACK  |  July 12th | Are you under-employed, returning to work or working in a position beneath your skill level? then this workshop is for you!
  • MAKE YOUR CAREER COMEBACK  |  August 16th | Are you under-employed, returning to work or working in a position beneath your skill level? then this workshop is for you!
  • CREATING AN AGELESS RESUME | August 30th | Aim for the job you want. Stress your strengths and minimize age traps. Bring your current resume to this workshop.
  • EXPLORE YOUR WORK CHOICES AT MIDLIFE| September 20th | What do you want at this point in your life? What don’t you want? Where do you find the work you feel called to do?
  • EARN WHAT YOU’RE WORTH | September 27th| Realize that you can promote your worth. Discover resources and strategies. Learn and practice salary negotiation.
  • TURN YOUR CAREER DREAMS INTO REALITY | October 4 | What do you want? what is stopping you from getting it? What are you doing about it? Look at new resources, get fresh ideas and leave ready to move forward.

Focus on Career Exploration Most Thursdays 10AM – 11:30AM

  • EXPAND YOUR CAREER OPTIONS  |August 10th | Consider niche careers, portfolio careers, creative choices, green opportunities, self-employment, emerging careers and more.
  • BUILD ON YOUR COLLEGE DEGREES |August 17th | Look at your academic and work life. Evaluate your choices and strategize your next career move.
  • IDENTIFY YOUR TRANSFERABLE SKILLS| August 31st| Employ various techniques to identify your transferable skills. Brainstorm and map where those skills can lead you.
  • USE SKILLSCAN TO DEVELOP YOUR SKILL PROFILE | September 14th | Select and rank your preferred skills. Leave with a personalized skill map and a plan of where and how to use your skill pattern.
  • 10 STEPS TO A SUCCESSFUL CAREER TRANSITION| September 21st| Know why you want to change, focus on your target industry, identify your KSAs, add alternative possibilities, develop your pitch and more.
  • PROFILE YOUR WORK PREFERENCES | September 28th| Look at your preferred job functions, select likely industries, choose your best skills and work settings and leave with a roadmap to guide you.
  • IDENTIFY YOUR CAREER STRENGTHS WITH THE KEIRSEY | October 5 | Take the Keirsey Temperament Sorter to see why some jobs fit you better than others and why you are drawn to certain kinds of work.

Your Potential Employers: Most Thursdays Noon – 1:30PM

  • CREATING YOUR EMPLOYMENT PROPOSAL | August 17 |Zero in on what you have to offer. Identify employers or individuals that could benefit and begin to draft a proposal.
  • WHY SHOULD I HIRE YOU? |August 31st| Practice the words employers need and want to hear and position yourself to be hired.
  • FIND MEANINGFUL WORK AT A NON PROFIT | September 14th |Identify jobs in the non profit sector, consider agencies A to Z and consider whether working for a non profit could be for you.
  • FIND OPPORTUNITIES WORKING FOR THE GOVERNMENT | September 21st | Consider federal, state and local job possibilities and learn techniques needed to obtain employment in these sectors.
  • WORKING USING YOUR INTERNATIONAL EXPERIENCE| September 28th| Remember the special knowledge you bring, explore new ways to use your skills, and see where your international experience can lead you.
  • FIND EMPLOYERS THAT NEED YOU | October 5| Focus on your job target, discover employers that fit you, create a list of employers to follow, add new resources, create a strategy to move forward.