Career Coaching

Get a fresh start in your career life!  Goal setting and career ideas for this year.  Workshop Presenter: Claire Marchiano, NBCC Certified Career Counselor.  

Register Online or in Person For All Workshops.  All workshops held at the YWCA.  (510) 848-6370 or e-mail

Career Coaching Workshops: 4 Focus Areas

(cost $10 members; $15 non-members) YWCA Career Coaching Workshops Online Schedule

Focus on Job Search Essentials: Most Wednesdays 10AM-11:30AM

  • IS YOUR RESUME WORKING? | May 31st | Learn new resume standards and ways to highlight your strengths. Bring your resume and leave with solutions and fresh ideas.
  • GET THE JOB YOU WANT | June 7th | Assess your options, weigh the benefits and risks of change and then utilize Planned Happenstance to move forward.
  • JOB MARKETING STRATEGIES | June 14th | Develop and practice your pitch, prepare to communicate what problems you can solve, learn ways to increase your networking and social media presence.
  • GET READY FOR YOUR JOB SEARCH | June 21st | Look at career options, understand what you need to do to move forward and plan your targeted job search.
  • SET AND SELECT YOUR CAREER GOALS| June 28th | Goals are dreams that have a plan. Decide where you want to go and learn the steps to get there.

Focus on Career Shift at Midlife: Most Wednesdays Noon – 1:30PM

  • MAKE YOUR CAREER COMEBACK  | May 10th | Are you under-employed, returning to work or working in a position beneath your skill level? then this workshop is for you!
  • EARN WHAT YOU’RE WORTH | June 7th | Realize that you can promote your worth. Discover resources and strategies. Learn and practice salary negotiation.
  • EXPLORE YOUR WORK CHOICES AT MIDLIFE| June 14th  | What do you want at this point in your life? What don’t you want? Where do you find the work you feel called to do?
  • TURN YOUR CAREER DREAMS INTO REALITY | June 21st| What do you want? what is stopping you from getting it? What are you doing about it? Look at new resources, get fresh ideas and leave ready to move forward.
  • WORKING IN THE PRIME OF YOUR LIFE | June 28th | Are you in your 40’s, 50’s, 60’s or more? Dream and plan for the

Focus on Career Exploration Most Thursdays 10AM – 11:30AM

  • USE SKILL SCAN TO DEVELOP YOUR SKILL PROFILE | May 11th | Select and rank your preferred skills. Leave with a personalized skill map and plan of where and how to use your skill pattern.
  • EXPAND YOUR CAREER OPTIONS  |June 22nd | Consider niche careers, portfolio careers, creative choices, green opportunities, self-employment, emerging careers and more.
  • BUILD ON YOUR ACADEMIC DEGREES |June 29th | Look at your academic and work life. Evaluate your choices and strategize your next career move.

Your Potential Employers: Most Thursdays Noon – 1:30PM

  • FIND WORK YOU LOVE AT A NON PROFIT | May 11th |Identify jobs in the non profit sector, consider agencies A to Z and consider whether working for a non profit could be for you.
  • FIND EMPLOYERS THAT NEED YOU | June 22nd | Focus on your job target, discover employers that fit you, create a list of employers to follow, add new resources, create a strategy to move forward.
  • CREATING YOUR EMPLOYMENT PROPOSAL | June 29th |Zero in on what you have to offer. Identify employers or individuals that could benefit and begin to draft a proposal.