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Career Coaching

Get a fresh start in your career life! Goal setting and career ideas for this year. Workshop Presenter: Claire Marchiano, NBCC Certified Career Counselor.  

Register Online or in Person For All Workshops.  All workshops held at the YWCA.  (510) 848-6370 or e-mail

Career Coaching Workshops: 4 Focus Areas

(cost $10 members; $15 non-members)

YWCA Career Coaching Workshops Online Schedule

Focus on Job Search Essentials: Most Wednesdays 10AM-11:30AM

  • GET THE JOB YOU WANT | March 1st | Assess your options, weigh the benefits and risks of change and then utilize Planned Happenstance to move forward.
  • SET AND SELECT YOUR CAREER GOALS| March 8th | Goals are dreams that have a plan. Decide where you want to go and learn the steps to get there.
  • CREATE A PERSONAL BRAND FOR YOUR JOB SEARCH  | March 22nd | Name your strength and niche, decide hoe you want others to percive you and deicde your branding strategy.
  • IS YOUR RESUME WORKING? | March 29th| Learn new resume standards and ways to highlight your strengths. Bring your resume and leave with solutions and fresh ideas.

Focus on Career Shift at Midlife: Most Wednesdays Noon – 1:30PM

  • WORKING IN THE PRIME OF YOUR LIFE | March 1st | Are you in your 40’s, 50’s, 60’s or more? Dream and plan for the present and future you want.
  • CREATING AN AGELESS RESUME | March 8th |Aim for the job you want. Stress your strengths and minimize age traps. Bring your current resume to this workshop.
  • MAKE YOUR CAREER COMEBACK  | March 22nd | Are you under-employed, returning to work or working in a position beneath your skill level? then this workshop is for you!
  • 10 STEPS TO A SUCCESSFUL CAREER TRANSITION  | March 29th | Know what to change, focus on your target, identify your knowledge skills and abilities, and create a plan to move forward.

Focus on Career Exploration Most Thursdays 10AM – 11:30AM

  • FIND YOUR CAREER NICHE  |February 23rd | Consider portfolio careers, creative choices, green opportunities, self-employment, merging careers and more.
  • GET READY FOR YOUR JOB SEARCH | March 2nd | Assess your career options, expand the known possibilities and plan your targeted job search.
  • IDENTIFY YOUR TRANSFERABLE SKILLS | March 9th |  Employ various techniques to identify your transferable skills. Brainstorm and map where those skills can take you.
  • USE SKILL SCAN TO DEVELOP YOUR SKILL PROFILE | March 23rd | Select and rank your preferred skills. Leave with a personalized skill map and plan of where and how to use your skill pattern.
  • PROFILE YOUR WORK PREFERENCES  |March 30th | Look at your preferred job functions, likely industries and best skills. See how they combine to push you in a career direction. 

Your Potential Employers: Most Thursdays Noon – 1:30PM

  • CREATING YOUR EMPLOYMENT PROPOSAL | February 23rd |Zero in on what you have to offer. Identify employers or individuals that could benefit and begin to draft a proposal.
  • EARN WHAT YOU’RE WORTH | March 2nd | Realize that you can promote your worth. Discover resources and strategies. Learn and practice salary negotiation.
  • WHY SHOULD I HIRE YOU? | March 9th | Practice the words employers need and want to hear and position yourself to be hired.
  • FIND OPPORTUNITIES WORKING FOR THE GOVERNMENT | March 23rd | Consider federal, state, county and city opportunities.
  • FIND WORK YOU LOVE AT A NON PROFIT | March 30th |Identify jobs in the non profit sector, consider agencies A to Z and consider whether working for a non profit could be for you.

YWCA Young Alums

Continue volunteering with the YWCA Berkeley/Oakland after you graduate!

Join the team of recent Berkeley graduates who are continuing to advocate for the elimination of racism and empowerment of women, by supporting the YWCA. If you are interested in learning how to stay involved once you’ve graduated, join our monthly conference call and expand your network of young leaders.

For more information email


Click here to see the English-in-Action page for more information.

Volunteers Needed All Year Long!
Office Hours to register with the program:
Regular Office Hours: Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 10AM – 3PM
Summer: Wednesdays only, 10AM – 3PM
After hours, leave a message at (510) 843-9716
Contact E-Mail:

For International Visitors: To practice English and learn about American culture come by during office hours to register with the program.

For Volunteers: Help international visitors and their families improve their English conversational skills and understanding of American life. While international partners gain valuable practice speaking English, you can meet people from other cultures and build friendships.

English In Action Program (EIA): Volunteer tutors meet with one or more international partners at least one hour each week to converse casually, increasing participants’ competency in the English language. These meetings can take place at your convenience. To sign-up, stop by during office hours, call (510) 843-9716 or e-mail to

The Centre

Drop by Thursday mornings, 9:30AM to 12PM in the Auditorium. (Summer: 10am – 12pm)
Click here for more information

Attention international visitors, spouses and children! Explore the cultural and recreational resources of Berkeley and California. The Centre provides programs and resources for international visitors, allowing them to meet people of other cultures and become comfortable in their new community. The Centre, organized by volunteers of the University Section Club, meets on Thursday mornings. Stop by the YWCA to pick up a complete schedule with descriptions.

Anti-Human Trafficking Leadership Internship

Advocate to End Human Trafficking! No experience necessary.

Become an intern today! Meet new people & make new friends, while advocating to end human trafficking through education and advocacy! Learn about sex and labor trafficking through interactive workshops and incredible guest speakers.  You will get to network with local organizations to expand your professional network and build up your resume for future jobs.  Everyone is welcome to join!

Download application here.

For more information call (510) 848-6370 or e-mail to

Money Workshops

Get Control of Your Finances!
Workshops to Empower You and Your Money!

Resumes. Paychecks. Loans. Budgets. These words shouldn’t scare you! Come learn how to improve your resume, follow effective budgets, and increase your funds. Our money workshops are designed to empower you with tools, knowledge, and support as you navigate through your career and financial worlds. Make a smart, money-saving decision and attend these interactive classes.  It’s time to invest in the best stock: yourself! Check out our website for updates about our monthly workshops.  Workshop dates coming soon.