Girls Group Mentoring Program

Do You Want to Make a Difference and Be a Mentor to Middle School Girls?

The Girls Group Mentoring Program is comprised of girls from both Willard and Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School as well as female-identified UC Berkeley mentors. Mentors will meet with the girls regularly to play games and make crafts while also engaging in meaningful discussions about issues that affect them as pre-teens and predominantly girls of color. Middle school is often a challenging time for adolescent girls and the Cal mentors have a strong commitment to supporting and empowering them along their journey. Opening up a discussion to issues like self-esteem, being a young woman of color, peer pressure, and more provides an important opportunity for these girls to feel heard and validated.  As a group of female students ranging from 11 to 21, we want everyone to enjoy their time in our sessions and be able to reflect on their experiences together. All girls are welcome in this safe space as we work towards building a community of young girls and young women in Berkeley.

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For more information stop by the YWCA Office, call by phone at (510) 848-6370 or email