Racial Justice


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Available Fall and Spring semesters.

Join the Racial Justice Program to build knowledge, skills and connections to create positive changes in your communities. Through discussion, research, films, and guest speakers we explore social justice issues and see how they are related to our own stories and how it connects to larger and historical issues of systemic racial justice and injustice. You will get to meet with other community members working around these issues, as well as develop projects to engage the larger community in understanding and fighting for racial justice.

We work interactively to be a part of our larger national campaigns like Week Without Violence and Stand Against Racism.

Download application here for the Racial Justice Program Fall 2020.

Join us for the Stand Against Racism Planning Committee Spring 2021 Download application here.

For more information call (510) 848-6370 or e-mail the program director at racialjustice@ywca-berkeley.org.


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