Student Volunteer Programs

Advocacy Internship

Join the YWCA in advocating for women’s empowerment and racial and social justice. This internship program is designed for students who are looking to gain grassroots organizing experience and to learn more about the legislative process. By engaging in voter registration, lobbying, and building relationships with government officials, this program is geared towards the development of leadership.

Download Advocacy Application.

For more information call (510) 848-6370 or e-mail:

Anti-Human Trafficking Leadership Internship

Advocate to End Human Trafficking! No experience necessary.

Become an intern today! Meet new people & make new friends, while advocating to end human trafficking through education and advocacy! Learn about sex and labor trafficking through interactive workshops and incredible guest speakers.  You will get to network with local organizations to expand your professional network and build up your resume for future jobs.  Everyone is welcome to join!

Download application here.

For more information call (510) 848-6370 or e-mail to

Eracism Seminar

Join us for a weekly fun seminar!
1 Ethnic Studies Field Units Available
Available Fall and Spring semesters.

Become an intern today! Meet new people & make new friends, while advocating for racial justice in your community. Learn about current events, free snacks, monthly field trips and no experience necessary to apply. Be a part of our larger national campaigns like Week Without Violence and build up your resume for future jobs!

Download application here.

For more information call (510) 848-6370 or e-mail to


Click here to see the English-in-Action page for more information.

Volunteers Needed All Year Long!
Office Hours to register with the program:
Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 10AM – 3PM
Summer: Wednesdays only 10AM-3PM
After hours, leave a message at (510) 843-9716
Contact E-Mail:

For International Visitors: To practice English and learn about American culture come by during office hours to register with the program.

For Volunteers: Help international visitors and their families improve their English conversational skills and understanding of American life. While foreign partners gain valuable practice speaking English, you can meet people from other cultures and build friendships.

English In Action Program (EIA): Volunteer tutors meet with one or more international partners at least one hour each week to converse casually, increasing participants’ competency in the English language. These meetings can take place at your convenience. To sign-up, stop by during office hours, call (510) 843-9716 or e-mail to

Financial Literacy Program

Teach financial literacy to high school teens!  Click here for more information.

Financial literacy is an essential life skill to empower teens to make educated choices that affect their future. Volunteer from UC Berkeley and other local colleges help teach students about topics such as banking, saving money, planning for college, investing, & more. Get experience in the classroom helping a diverse community of students while deepening your understanding of personal finances. Sign up for this fun and inspirational program today and e-mail to!

Pre-Kindergarten Enrichment Program (PEP)

Super flexible scheduling with adorable toddlers!
1 ED 197 Education Unit Available 

Have the time of your life while mentoring preschoolers.  This program is designed for you to directly interact with the toddlers in their colorfully fun classroom settings.  You get to feel like a preschooler again! The program serves over 8 low income classrooms in Berkeley and Oakland.  You can choose to volunteer any day of the week and the program has very flexible scheduling!  Come have some fun and volunteer!

Download application here.

For more information call (510) 848-6370 or e-mail to

Student Leadership Board

Be a Leader in Your Community! Apply to be a Student Leadership Board member.
Download application here
Or pick up an application at the YWCA.

Are you interested in becoming an advocate for community service, gaining skills in program planning and leadership development? Join an advisory board of student leaders that help plan community service and campus wide projects including the popular Shadow Day, the international Week Without Violence, holiday projects, Stand Against Racism Campaign and the World YWCA Round-the-World Breakfast. Ideas about additional service projects are welcome. For more info please contact the YWCA at


Shadow Day

 24th Annual YWCA Shadow Day – Thursday, April 13, 2017

Cal Students! Have a high school student shadow YOU for a day! Inspire them and give them the “inside story” on what college could offer them.

Applications for Cal mentors available, click here for online form.

Shadow Day brings together over 600 participants including 300 high school students from neighboring communities (Oakland, Richmond and greater East Bay) to be matched with 300 current UC Berkeley students in one- on-one pairs. Many of the high school students are not “college- tracked” and are under-represented in the university system. These students come from diverse backgrounds and experiences. For many of them, they have not applied to college and will be visiting a college campus for the first time. They will be given the opportunity to learn first-hand, from Cal students, what college is really like.

The day begins in the morning when the high school students arrive to find their Cal volunteer, and continues throughout the day with the pair going to classes, workshops, and touring campus. We will also provide breakfast, lunch, and t-shirts to all our participants. Most importantly, we will be providing an opportunity for high school students to be inspired to acquire information and help in applying and paying for college.


Be a Mentor for Girls in Oakland! No technology background required to be a mentor!
1 ED 197 Education unit available.

Become an intern today! Meet new people & make new friends, while advocating for girls empowerment through STEM at local elementary schools. You will LOVE being a mentor in this heart-warming program! This program has super flexible scheduling from 5 schools to choose from in the afternoon. Transportation is provided to and from all the school sites!

Download application here.

For more information call (510) 848-6370 or e-mail to

Youth Mentor Program

Do You Want to Be a Mentor?  Apply to be a mentor today!

Join the YWCA Youth Mentor Program! Volunteers provide support and guidance to local middle school students, forming a strong, lasting friendship.  All it takes to be a mentor is a desire to make a difference in a young student’s life. Mentors are encouraged to share their passions with their mentees, whether it’s music, cooking, or sports. The YMP offers plenty of flexibility, as mentors can establish with their mentees where and when to meet. In addition to individual hangouts, we also have exciting group events, including ice-skating and seeing the Oakland Athletics play!

The Youth Mentor Program brings together UC Berkeley students with Berkeley and Oakland middle school students in one-on-one relationships for an academic year. Through these rewarding relationships, as well as recreational and group activities, mentors provide friendship, support, and guidance to local youth with diverse backgrounds. Mentors and their mentees meet on their own for approximately 2-3 hours per week and participate in activities that they both enjoy. Through this program, one can expect to make a lasting impact and a close friend.  Apply now!

For more information or an application stop by the YWCA Office.  You can also download the application here.  By phone at (510) 848-6370 or email to

YWCA Internships

Pick up an application or download application and find out which internship fits you!

Become a YWCA intern! This is an opportunity to learn about the non-profit world and gain valuable experience. Drop by the YWCA to drop off your resume and fill out an internship application.

Internship Descriptions

Advocacy Internship (use separate program application)

Today our democracy is challenged by gaps in voter registration with lower voting rates in younger, low-income and new citizen populations. You will encourage community members to register to vote and run a voter registration booth. Working closely with the Community Program Director you will lobby for racial justice, women’s empowerment and social peace by engaging with state and local officials. You’ll gain grassroots organizing experience and develop leadership skills. This internship is nonpartisan, representing no political party.

Anti-Human Trafficking (use separate program application)

You will be an advocate and build leadership to actively and collaboratively work to end human trafficking. This internship is an excellent networking opportunity to connect with local experts and non-profits in the anti-trafficking field. Learn about modern day slavery on a global, national, community and personal level while meeting other abolitionists.

Ethnic Dance Performance Internship

You will work directly with the Community Program Director and assist in production of the annual Ethnic Dance Performance: “Tour the World” held in the Spring semester. You will assist in publicity for the event and serve as the production assistant the day of the event. The performance highlights students of the various dance classes offered at the YWCA.

Eracism Seminar – Eliminating Racism (use separate program application)

You will be part of a cohort of activitsts once a week in our welcoming seminar to explore a diversity of hot button issues around racism. Each participant has the opportunity to steer and facilitate this seminar to include topics that are of particular interest to him/her. Past topics have included: power and privilege, LGBT stereotypes, bullying in schools and human trafficking of young girls in the Bay Area.

Social Media/Marketing Internship

You will gain a strong understanding of the social media/marketing landscape as you manage the social media and public relations operations of the YWCA Berkeley/Oakland. You will be responsible for monitoring and posting on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social networks to gain exposure for the YWCA programs and events. You will also establish media contacts to coordinate coverage for the YWCA’s events. A strong candidate for this position should be enthusiastic about marketing, and be able to work independently and generate new ideas. This is also an opportunity to develop an understanding of the non-profit sector as well as professional skills in communications and public relations required for any career path.

Student Leadership Board (SLB) Coordinator Internship (use separate program application)

You will work closely with the Associate Director to facilitate the Student Leadership Board in program events throughout the school year. You will gain leadership and program development skills at a social/community service agency. Our programs reach out to serve the campus and the Berkeley, Oakland communities. Annual program events include Shadow Day, the international YWCA Week Without Violence, the Giving Tree Project, toy and food drives and the World YWCA Round-the-World Breakfast.

Fund Development Internship

You will work closely with the Executive Director to assist with proposals and grants for the YWCA Berkeley/Oakland. You gain experience in grant writing and learn the processes of submission to foundations. You will research new foundations that may be receptive to funding YWCA programs.

Young Women and Money Conference Internship

You will assist in the development and implementation of the annual YWCA Young Women and Money Conference. You will focus on outreach and recruitment of conference participants. You will be required to use excellent written and communication skills and have excellent organization and attention to detail. Energetic self-starters, quick learners with a good work ethic will excel in this position. You will work closely with the Executive Director and other staff. (Small stipend awarded)

Other internships and opportunities:

If you have any other ideas about creating a new internship, please submit an application and proposal of your idea. In addition, we offer many volunteer programs to eliminate racism, empower women and develop leaders through: anti-human trafficking awareness, teaching in classrooms, mentoring girls and technology, helping international visitors improve their English conversational skills, assisting teachers in pre-schools, one-on-one mentoring and an eliminating racism seminar. We also offer programs and classes in dance, fitness and performance; career development; and special annual events.

Contact us to find out more: (510) 848-6370,