YWCA Anti-Human Trafficking Internship Program

The anti-human trafficking internship has provided Berkeley students and community members alike an opportunity to learn more about a global issue that deeply affects the Bay Area community. The anti-human trafficking interns meet weekly to learn more about the field, engage in discussion, and to develop their own advocacy projects. Below you’ll find what a few of the interns have to say about their experience within the program along with some art pieces they created.  You can find these pieces featured in the lobby of the YWCA.


“Freedom Now”, a gallery of art pieces related to human exploitation and trafficking


As an anti trafficking intern, I have learned to view the community around me through a different lens. The YWCA has allowed me to learn so much about the individuals involved in human trafficking and how it operates under the radar. I have learned through introspection and advocacy the challenges we face with the illicit industry, and our responsibility to end it.

-Deeksha Chaturvedi


I am from Taiwan, and my husband is a visiting scholar of UC Berkeley.
I saw some news of global human trafficking when I was in Taiwan, but I never knew if there is any group or organization to deal with this issue in Taiwan.
Then I thought it’s a great opportunity to know more about anti-human trafficking through this internship program when I saw the introduction on the YWCA spring DM.
What I learned in this program is already much more than I expect. It’s also very encouraging to know that there are so many ways and everyone can take part in anti-human trafficking.













I joined the Anti Human Trafficking Leadership Internship because as a feminist I believe in the equal treatment of all individuals. Sexual Trafficking speaks of the racism, misogyny, and patriarchal values still present in our society. The prevalence of sexual trafficking is closer to home than we would expect and deserves urgent advocacy.

-Laura Gomez


I joined the internship because I wanted to learn about an issue that many people, like myself, do not really understand. After coming to this internship, I realized that human-trafficking takes on many forms and that it could happen anywhere. I realized that a lot of human trafficking happens in my hometown and I was not aware about it until now. I’m really glad I joined because I have a new perspective on this issue that I hope to take further outside the classroom.

-Jacqueline Phung












I joined the YWCA’s Anti-Trafficking internship with hopes to connect to like-minded individuals in my community and get involved in anti-trafficking activities within the area. I’m a college graduate serving a full-time term as an AmeriCorps with the American Red Cross, but my schedule allows for flexibility to pursue outside interests so I’ve been able to fit this into my weekly schedule (as long as there’s no disasters that I need to respond to!). I hope to continue anti-trafficking work in the future so this is great experience to have under my belt. It has been very beneficial to hear from professionals who work in the trafficking field to see what their experiences have been like and the insights they can provide.

-Isabelle Charles

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