Summer Snapshots: TechGYRLS

Meet our team in our Summer Snapshots video above!

TechGYRLS is currently working hard to provide our usual STEAM curriculum to students at home. We are creating a weekly video series of various science projects led by TechGYRLS mentors and other YWCA volunteers. While we have had to adapt the program, we are super excited to make TechGYRLS more accessible to all students, in addition to our usual after school program attendees.

Our projects are aimed at students in third through fifth grades and will be using limited materials, with most of the items being common household items that the students may already have at home. We are also creating supplemental worksheets to increase student engagement and encourage further investigation and scientific thinking. Additionally, we will be highlighting various careers in STEAM and women who are pioneers in the field. Topics will include health and medicine, environmental science, biology, chemistry, physics, engineering and coding. Every year when we ask the girls what they like the most and would be interested in learning, many say they love art and that they love chemistry, so many of our projects will incorporate one or both of these elements.

Our program works to encourage young girls to explore STEAM fields that they may not otherwise be encouraged to enter in a fun and educational way. But these videos are designed for everyone! For more advanced learners, we will explain ways that you can take our experiments a step further and to those who are new to the topics we cover, we promise to break them down in an easy-to-learn way. As we gear up for fall, we are looking for new mentors (you do not have to have a background in STEM to volunteer)!