Young Women & Money Conference 2020

Young Women & Money Conference 2020

Young Women and Money Conference is an annually hosted event by the YWCA Berkeley/Oakland. This conference aims to advance the personal finance and financial literacy skills of young women, ages 18-30, and high schoolers in the East Bay Area through keynote speakers and workshops on personal finance, credit, investments, etc. In light of COVID-19, this year’s conference will be held entirely online and tickets will be sold on a sliding scale. Meet our some of the members of our team below & find more information about the conference at the bottom!

Claire Kim:

Hi, I’m Claire and I’m currently the program assistant for the Young Women and Money Conference.
Before coming to college, I was fortunate enough to have my parents provide me with a basic
understanding of credit/debit cards and how credit scores factor into our lives. Thinking that it was a skill
everyone learned, I was surprised at how quickly my friends would spend their allowance or work study
paycheck not really thinking about their purchases and sometimes even ending the month with $5 in their
checking accounts. Hoping to raise more awareness about the importance of financial literacy and
personal finance, I joined the YWCA to reach a wider audience of both students and young women of all
income levels and races in the East Bay Area hoping to provide them with a better understanding of how
to use their money. I highly encourage students and women of all ages to attend the Young Women and
Money Conference because it is never too early or too late to establish a stronger foundation in financial
literacy helping you be in better control of your daily finances and even retirement.

Sandya Krishna:

My name is Sandya and I am an MPH student at UC Berkeley. In my free time, I love to read
books and try new types of desserts. Financial Literacy is important to me because having the
tools and resources for financial literacy are very important for gaining financial independence
and success. I believe that topics such as budgeting and savings are important skills for money
management. The Young Women and Money Conference provides young women and girls with
these skills and resources through workshops and keynote speakers. The Young Women and
Money Conference is committed to helping women become financially empowered.

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