Advocacy Program

The YWCA Racial Justice/Advocacy Spring 2021 Program is now accepting applications! 

Are you passionate about racial and gender justice?

Are you interested in developing your grassroots organizing skills to advance the issues you care about?

Are you looking to build a powerful community with other young leaders, organizers and advocates united for justice?

Apply to become a member of the YWCA Racial Justice/Advocacy Cohort, Spring 2021 TODAY!

*Accepting applications through February 1st, 2020, share with your networks!

This Spring Semester, the Racial Justice and Advocacy program will be co-collaborating and will be meeting virtually for weekly, interactive meetings. Together we will demystify the legislative process, and will explore how grassroots movement combined with policy can be used as a tool for racial justice and collective liberation. We will co-create and facilitate political education sessions and workshops centered around the issues and topics that program members are passionate about to deepen our knowledge and understanding of the history of white supremacy and systemic racism in the United States, as well as liberation movements and initiatives led by Queer, Trans, Black, Indigenous, Native & Communities of Color.

Through community engagement, legislative advocacy, connecting with local movements that align with the Movement for Black Lives, direct action opportunities, as well as participating in an end of semester lobby visit, we will work to deepen our leadership and advocacy skills to be able to advance issues of racial and gender justice in our community. Additionally, interested program members will have the option to take on additional leadership development by applying to join the RJ/Advocacy Stand Against Racism Planning Committee, that will be responsible for coordinating our annual YWCA Stand Against Racism Campaign!

To learn more about the Spring 2021 Racial Justice/Advocacy Program, check out our Syllabus (still in the works)!

For more information, e-mail the Program Director at

Check out our Special Projects, created by Advocacy and Racial Justice/Advocacy Cohort Members! Click through the pages to learn and take action with us!


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