Shadow Day


Shadow Day is returning in person on April 17th!

College shadowing programs are common amongst admitted incoming freshmen, but less common are programs for students who have not yet applied to college, as well as programs that work to center the needs and interests of students that are historically underrepresented within the UC system. YWCA Berkeley/Oakland’s Shadow Day aims to increase access and equity within higher education and to build collective power in our communities by providing high school students with a fun and supportive environment to access resources and demystify the process of learning how to apply and pay for college. 

YWCA Berkeley/Oakland has organized its annual Shadow Day program for over 29 years, inviting high school students from Oakland, Richmond and the greater East Bay to shadow a current UC Berkeley student with an experience that will provide participants to explore a variety of academic and career pathways. Organizers of Shadow Day purposefully recruit and connect high school students with current UC Berkeley students who share similar interests and backgrounds to build community, share resources, and to be able to support each other’s journeys in navigating higher education and beyond. Altogether, Shadow Day aims to increase access and equity within higher education, and serves as a space for student leaders to connect, forge new paths, and build collective power.

If you are interested in becoming a college mentor please click HERE to fill out the form!

If you want to volunteer on the day of the event to help set up, register people, lead a tour, or more, click HERE