Staff & Board Members

The Board and volunteers of the YWCA Berkeley/Oakland represent a great variety of employment fields, academic majors, and interests. The diversity of the Board of Directors, volunteers and staff reflects that of our community. The Board members range in age from the 20s to the 90s, with many religions and most ethnic, racial, and socio-economic groups represented. This diversity in all areas is reflected in our volunteer and staff groups as well.


  • Ineda Adesanya
  • Veronica Alexander
  • Cherisse Baatin
  • Marilyn Cleveland, President
  • Kate Earle Funk, Treasurer
  • Amy He
  • Marcus Hill 
  • Mary Huang, Vice President
  • Kate Ireland
  • Angela Jackson-Castain, Recording Secretary
  • Denise Jeffrey
  • Patricia Jones
  • Laura Kirkwood-Datta
  • Judy Martin
  • Mary Stewart McCosker
  • Sarah Knox Miyazaki
  • Linda Oliver
  • Dia Penning, Corresponding Secretary
  • Patricia Raphael
  • Mary Remy
  • Jasmine Smith
  • Gina Tega
  • Alyssa Tio 
  • Jennifer Meux White


The YWCA Berkeley/Oakland staff is hard-working, well educated, and extremely committed to social service and the goals outlined in our mission. Each staff member is uniquely qualified for their position and all of our programs benefit from the diversity of our staff.

Jenny DeRuntz – Executive Director

Layla Dargahi – Program Manager: TechGYRLS Mentoring

Rena Guidry – Associate Director

Maria Guillen – Director of Programs & Impact 

Liz Atkins-Pattenson – Program Director: Racial Justice/Advocacy and Student Leadership Board

Karen Lei – Program Manager: English in Action

Claire Marchiano – Career Counselor and Coach

Dohee Kim – Office Manager

Chelsea R. Sutton – Grants Consultant 

Allison Peck – Accounts Bookkeeper Manager 

Ana Rivas – Housekeeper

Felix Tsai – Caretaker