TechGYRLS Mentoring Program

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Become an intern today! Meet new people and make new friends, while advocating for girl’s empowerment through our virtual STEAM* inspired curriculum at local elementary and middle schools in Oakland. Make a difference being a mentor and exploring hands-on science with elementary girls. We focus on a combination of STEAM based projects and demonstrations, career exploration, and SEL (social emotional learning) such as building up positive body image and strengthening their self esteem. Furthermore, our curriculum implements STEAM topics through the lens of empowerment and advocacy to ensure every girl is utilizing their voice. No prior STEAM experience is necessary to join, we are looking for diverse, strong and compassionate mentors to be with the girls.

Mentors work in small, focused groups for girls, as well as female-identified and non-binary mentors, to provide support for our mentees on issues that are most pressing to them, including boundaries, identity, family, and aspirations. We also aim to center their ability to be empowered and advocate for themselves by exploring different ways of organizing and self-advocacy so that students can make a real difference in their lives and the lives of their communities! Middle school is often a challenging time for adolescent girls and our mentors have a strong commitment to supporting and empowering their voices through all these projects.

We want everyone to enjoy their time in our sessions and be able to reflect on their experiences together. All girls are welcome in this space as we work towards building a community of empowered young girls and womxn in Berkeley. 

*Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math

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*Our use of “girls” and “women” is inclusive of all cis and trans women, non-binary, gender non-conforming, gender queer, and any female-identified folks.

This week’s topic: Chromatography Butterflies!

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