26th Annual Week Without Violence

Week Without Violence Campaign

Monday, Oct. 18th – Friday, Oct. 22nd, 2021!

Week Without Violence is a global movement with YWCAs across the country and the world to end violence against Black, Indigenous, girls, women and TGNC people of color. We know that not all violence is acknowledged or responded to equally, and that some survivors and communities go unrecognized altogether.

The YWCA Berkeley/Oakland will be uplifting the work of local organizations working on the frontlines and uplifting community organizers dedicated to transformative justice & collective liberation. Together, we are committed to building a world without violence where our communities are healthy, safe and free.

This year’s theme is Beyond Resilience: From Surviving to Thriving! Join us during our annual Week Without Violence as we do the work to raise awareness and advocate for accessible, equitable, and consistent resources that survivors and our communities need to build the flourishing futures they deserve. Together we can build a world where women, girls, communities of color, and TGNC persons are empowered and supported to move beyond resilience, from surviving to thriving. 

Check out our WWV, featuring our YWCA Student Leadership Board from 2020! 

WWV Resources: